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List of Empathy Statements with Examples

Showing empathy is yet another vital interpersonal skills to build interesting human relationships. The two basic ways of expressing empathy is through effective verbal and non-verbal communication. One of the best ways to learn empathy skills is through customer service representatives, call center agents, sales executives and counselors. In fact, they go through a professional empathy training and presentations to learn the art of empathy. Though empathy skills is one of the common traits among customer service representative.
Empathy Statements Examples List
Empathy Statements Examples List

What is Meant by Empathy?

Putting yourself in other person's shoes, think, feel, and provide solutions to the other person's problem is empathy. Listening with understanding and empathy is one of the characteristics of emphatic people. We exercise empathy the more challenges we face in our life

Can Empathy be Taught?

Some people believe that empathy can be taught while others believe that empathy is inborn. It is also believed that adults can learn and develop empathy more easily than kids as adults have experienced longer life instances more than kids.

Empathy Words, Phrases and Statements

LEAP is a simple easy-to-recall mnemonic that can help you to remember the basic empathy words and language:-
  • Listen
  • Express
  • Ask
  • Pause

Listen Attentively

Listening is one of the basics of verbal communication skills and helps in building rapport during any conversation. Before expressing yourself or asking questions, attentively listen to others to understand their needs.

Examples of Empathetic Listening phrases and statements (Also called Loud Listening):

  • I'm listening...
  • I hear what you say...
  • Go ahead and explain it I will listen to you...
  • You are right...
  • I do agree with you...

Express Yourself

Once you have listened to others, it is time to express your opinion, thoughts and beliefs. You can express yourself to persuade your ideas by keeping others' needs in mind through prosody of your language.

Empathy Expression, Phrases and Sentences Examples:

  • Let me tell you how I feel about your concern...
  • In my opinion, You are right and ....
  • I like to express my feeling about this situation...
  • I strongly believe that...
  • If I may express my thoughts in this regard...

Ask Question and Clarify to Leave a Good Impression

The art of asking effective questions is one of the admiring traits of any communication. By asking questions:
  • Assumptions will be clarified
  • Understand the other person's needs, desires and requirements
  • Helps others to express their point of view
  • Helps you to use appropriate arguments that suits others' needs.

Empathy Questions

  • May I know why did this happen...
  • Please tell me about it...
  • Would you mind explaining it...
  • What made you think so...
  • May I know how did you arrive at this conclusion...

Pause, Wait, and Take Time

Instead of being anxious to express yourself or persuade others, you must relax, pause, and take a calm approach by thinking and reflecting on what others are saying about your argument. with empathic intelligence you can build interesting relationships, enhance your leadership skills both at home and in workplace.

When do you Show Empathy

  • When you are giving genuine compliments
  • While you are negotiating or persuading others.
  • When you like to politely say no to others.
  • When you giving and receiving feedback.
  • While you're building rapport with someone.

To empathize, a vital life skill, is to put yourself in the other person's point of view, to feel and to understand others when you're playing different life roles and it requires both soft and behavioral skills. It involves both your intrapersonal as well as your interpersonal attitude. The motive behind showing empathy is to genuinely understand the other person's problems and concerns. Ensure that you completely understand others' needs during persuasion. It requires both good intrapersonal as well as interpersonal skills to show empathy.

An Example of Empathy (Very Nice Video, It will Change the way you Think about People)


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